Of all the things to get worked about, one person picked balloons.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, an Omaha man is sued the University of Nebraska for the balloon release tradition at home football games.

Randall S. Krause filed the suit, claiming that releasing the balloons was dangerous to wildlife:

“The mass release of Husker balloons puts virtually all species of birds, turtles, marine mammals and small animals … in harm’s way,” the suit says.

The suit also claimed that the balloons put children under the age of eight in danger. According to the suit “children under 8 years can choke or suffocate on deflated Husker balloons if they put them in their mouths.”

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It isn’t clear if any specific incident sparked Krause’s suit. It’s never been reported that a child has been injured by the balloons.

This probably shouldn’t come as much of a surprise from Krause, who already attempted to sue the City of Omaha twice for environmental concerns, according to the World-Herald. Both suits were dropped.

Fans have been releasing red balloons after Nebraska’s first score since the late 1950s, with a brief halt in 2012 because of a nation-wide helium shortage.

This suit is likely just more hot air.