Nebraska was one of the three schools that voted to move forward with fall sports in 2020, along with Iowa and Ohio State, when the B1G was considering its options last month. So it’s not much of a surprise that university chancellor Ronnie Green is hoping to see sports return soon.

On Wednesday, Green provided a brief update on what’s going on around the B1G, as it continues to mull ideas for a return to competition. The Nebraska chancellor says he’s encouraged by the work that has been put in and that sports can happen again in the near future.

“There is active work by the hour in the B1G about how to return to competition, when to return to competition,” Green said, in a video posted by Sean Callahan of “All of the policies and protocols and procedures, in a much more detailed way for a return to competition a return to fall sports. And I am very encouraged that we are going to see that happen. And I have hopeful that we will see that happen yet this year.

“Work is going on around the clock. …We want and need to be returning to competition as soon as possible.”

The B1G is currently one of four FBS leagues not moving forward with a fall football schedule. The conference is reportedly working on a spring model.

Last month, the B1G voted to postpone all fall sports by a tally of 11-3.