Even though Nebraska finished last season with a 3-5 record, the Huskers were eligible to play in a bowl game to end the year.

However, Nebraska was one of several Power 5 teams to pass on that opportunity.

While speaking on the Husker Sports Network on Wednesday night, Frost explained some of what went into that decision.

He said he would have been favor of playing a bowl game, but players were understandably tired after going through a COVID-19-altered season.

Frost added that most of the team also wanted to play in a bowl game, but it wasn’t unanimous.

Every FBS team was eligible to play in a bowl game this year due to the pandemic.

The Big Ten ended up going 3-2 in bowl season, including Ohio State’s loss to Alabama in the National Championship Game.

Nebraska will go into 2021 still searching for its first bowl appearance since 2016.

The Huskers open next season vs. Illinois in Dublin, Ireland.