Nebraska coach Scott Frost historically has been the primary play caller for his offenses, but that’s starting to change.

In a conversation with the Lincoln Journal Star on Friday, Frost said offensive coordinator Matt Lubick will take on more of that responsibility next season.

Per Frost, that’s a strategy the Huskers used over the last month of the 2020 campaign.

“Matt Lubick had a lot more to do with the play calling, particularly toward the end of the season, than I’ve had a coordinator have before,” Frost told The Journal Star’s Parker Gabriel. “It was pretty split in those last probably four games. That helped me do a lot more head coaching things, even on the sideline on Saturdays. That hasn’t been an adjustment as much as I just have someone here in Matt Lubick that I really trust and who has called this offense before.

“It’s hard for me to go over and make sure that we have the right guys getting ready for punt team and talk to those guys if I’m constantly looking down at the play that I’m going to call.”

Lubick has only been at Nebraska for one season, but he coached with Frost at Oregon from 2013-15.

Frost also described the mechanics of this arrangement with Lubick.

“The way it worked is I was going to let Matt run with it, but I always had veto power or the ability to take over any time I wanted,” Frost told The Journal Star. “… It kept me from having to bury my face in the play sheet and not be able to help in other areas on the sideline. That’s because I have somebody in Matt that I trust.

“If he started calling something and I disagreed, I took over and called it. Late in the game, I took over and called it. But he does a wonderful job and he’s going to be about as prepared as anybody I’ve been around. It actually worked pretty well.”