As Nebraska begins the search for Scott Frost’s replacement, Trev Alberts will have no shortage of candidates to fill the vacancy. One hopeful, former Husker great Ndamukong Suh, openly campaigned for the post over Twitter on Sunday.

Suh certainly is a longshot, to say the least. It’s more likely that Alberts will bring in someone that’s currently leading a program; even though the Huskers have been down for a while, the right person can get the program back among the country’s elite.

During the College Football Enquirer podcast, Sports Illustrated’s Pat Forde identified 3 coaches currently in the Big 12, that could make the most sense for Nebraska: Iowa State’s Matt Campbell, Kansas’ Lance Leipold, and Kansas State’s Chris Kleiman.

“A lot of people say, ‘Alright, Nebraska’s not an A-list job,” and it’s not really anymore, but it’s probably still a better job than those 3,” Forde said. “They care deeply about football. You have a huge, passionate fanbase, more passionate than any of those 3.”

Forde mentioned a 4th name: Kentucky’s Mark Stoops.

“Wanna go to a football school or do you want to be at a basketball school?” he said, referring to recent comments made between Stoops and Kentucky men’s basketball coach John Calipari. “You want John Calipari to decide what your school is about or do you want to go to a place where it’s a hundred percent a football university?”