Nebraska’s defensive players have an added incentive to earn their Blackshirt jersey this season.

For this week, defenders who are not members of the scout team will wear yellow mesh jersey tops while preparing for Saturday’s clash against Colorado. The jerseys are known as the “Killer Bees” and revert back to an old tradition within the program.

Defensvie Coordinator Erik Chinander said he got the idea after talking with a former Nebraska defensive coordinator, Charlie McBride.

“We went back to that thing,” Chinander told the Omaha World-Herald. “They’re pretty nice jerseys, but some of these guys are already saying, ‘I want to get out of this thing, I want to get into the black.’ So hopefully that’s another little mental reward for getting out of those things and into the black jerseys.”

Nebraska has traditionally awarded the Blackshirt jersey to members of its first-string defense.

Blackshirts will not be rewarded until next week, after the Huskers go head-to-head with Colorado on Saturday.