Nebraska fans have been through the wringer in recent years. Program golden child Scott Frost was even unable to turn things around and was fired on Sunday.

Expecting Mickey Joseph to immediately turn things around – especially against No. 6 Oklahoma – was optimistic, to say the least. While the drubbing going on in Lincoln this weekend is far from Joseph’s fault, it further confirms how poor this Nebraska team truly is.

The pressure to get the next hire right is also mounting for a program that hasn’t been to a bowl in quite a while, much less remained competitive in the B1G or at a national level.

While the job remains up for grabs right now, at least one fan has his choice for the next head coach of the Huskers. This fan is so adamant in his selection that he even produced a custom t-shirt for Saturday’s game.

Take a look:

Whether Urban Meyer is a serious candidate remains to be seen, but at least one fan (and likely a few others) would like to see Meyer turn things around in Lincoln.