Nebraska’s football program is in some hot water with the NCAA. On Monday, the organization levied down punishments after finding that the Huskers and head coach Scott Frost were in violation of rules.

“The Nebraska football program violated NCAA rules for countable coaches and the football head coach (Frost) violated head coach responsibility rules, according to an agreement released by the Division I Committee on Infractions,” the statement read.

Per the release, the head coach and NCAA enforcement staff acknowledge that a former special teams analyst provided “technical or tactical instruction to student-athletes during practices and film sessions.” He was also found to have made tactical decisions during games.

Those are violations of the NCAA rules.

Nebraska and Frost will face the following consequences as a result (from the NCAA):

  • A one-year extension to the current probationary period (through April 2023)
  • A $10,000 fine
  • A one-year show-cause order for the football head coach, plus a five-day suspension from all coaching duties during the championship segment of the 2022 football season
  • A reduction in the number of football countable coaches by one for two days of practice during the 2022 season
  • All noncoaching staff members will be removed from practice and competition for five consecutive days during the championship segment of the 2022 season

The Huskers are coming off a 3-9 season in 2021. Under Frost, Nebraska has posted a 15-29 record in four years.