Nebraska head coaching search is something that will be dominating the minds of Huskers until a decision is made. A familiar face on the Big Ten Network, Dave Revsine, weighed in on the news.

Scott Frost’s tenure with Nebraska has come to an end. Revsine gave his opinion on the matter, showed his support for Nebraska AD Trev Alberts throughout the upcoming process of picking a new head coach.

“I have known Trev Alberts for a long time, so maybe I’m biased,” said Revsine. “But feels to me like he will find a really good HC for Nebraska. Struck the right tone, totally gets and loves the place and knows the game as well as anyone. No reason Nebraska can’t be competitive.”

There are a lot of names that people have thrown out for the head coaching vacancy in Lincoln. There’s no telling who will be the next head coach at Nebraska, but Revsine trusts Alberts.