Who is the best college football team of all time?

In recent memory, teams like Clemson and Alabama over the last few years have been really good, but, would they compete with some of the best of all time? ESPN’s college football panel actually ranked the top 150 teams of all time.

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Because college football is in its 150th year of existence.

Anyway, here’s the the list of the top 10 teams via ESPN:

If you wanted to be picky, you could make the argument that no Big Ten team is on this list. After all, the 1971 and 1995 Nebraska teams weren’t competing in the B1G. That 1971 team was coached by Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne was the offensive coordinator. Twelve of the 13 games won by that team were won by at least 24 points.

Fromm recent years, last season’s Clemson team clocks in at No. 5, while the 2009 Alabama team is No. 10 on the list. I guess we should be saying, as Big Ten fans, thanks to Nebraska?

The entire list of 150 can be found here.