Nebraska lost another 1-score game this time at the hands of Purdue, losing 28-23 Saturday afternoon.

The Huskers are 3-6 on the year and 1-5 in B1G play. The Huskers have wins against Fordham, Buffalo and Northwestern.

The Huskers have losses against Illinois, No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 8 Michigan State, No. 6 Michigan, Minnesota and Purdue. The Huskers have lost 3 straight games.

After the game, head coach Scott Frost questioned the teams’ edge after a third straight loss.

“I think edge is the problem. I think it’s the gritty competitor that’s going to go get it done when it matters,” Frost said, according to Parker Gabriel of the Lincoln Journal Star. “We had a chance to go recover the onside kick and, I have to see the replay, but I thought we had it. There’s the play. And there’s 20 of them in every game. There’s the play and we fail to make the play more often than we need to in order to win games.”

LB Jojo Domann did not appreciate the coaches’ words about edge and grit.

“It’s not a matter of want-to for us. You can’t challenge our want-to. The ‘man in the arena’ quote. That’s just unfair. Plain and simple,” Domann said, according to the Lincoln Journal Star. “Obviously there’s something that’s not creating the result that we want and I’ve got three games — hopefully, four games, left in this thing and I’m going to do my part in bringing everything that I have to the table and to building this culture and to representing this ‘N’ and to represent the last name on my back and that’s what I’m worried about.”

You can read the full story from Parker Gabriel and the Lincoln Journal Star down below:

Nebraska hosts No. 5 Ohio State at noon ET on FOX.