Scott Frost said he was tired of talking about silver linings when it comes to losing football games. After an 8-14 start to his career in Lincoln, the head coach is ready to win some football games.

One of Frost’s top linebackers, Mo Barry, has a lot of confidence that two more wins are coming Nebraska’s way in the final two weeks of the season.

Nebraska dropped their fourth-straight game on Saturday, falling 37-21 to Wisconsin. Though the final score wasn’t what the Huskers had hoped for, Barry said his team did some “growing up” against the Badgers. If the Huskers continue to play that way against Maryland and Iowa, he has no doubt that Nebraska will be going bowling.

“We grew up in this game. It’s easy to say that we could’ve got destroyed by Wisconsin like everyone predicted. It’s easy to say that we could’ve just laid down and let No. 23 [Jonathan Taylor] just run down our throat and we didn’t,” Barry said after the game. “We competed. We could’ve won that game and we found a way to beat ourselves. These next two games, we’re going to compete just like that and we’re going to win them.”

After the loss to Wisconsin, Nebraska now sits 4-6 on the season with Maryland and Iowa ahead. The Huskers will need to win both in order to get to 6-6 and be bowl eligible by the end of the season.

With Maryland really struggling right now, there’s a good chance the Huskers pick up win number five next Saturday, setting up an all-important showdown with Iowa in Lincoln. If Nebraska doesn’t get the victory, they’ll be eliminated from the postseason.