As Memorial Stadium celebrates its centennial season come 2023, Nebraska President Ted Carter, Chancellor Ronnie Green and athletic director Trev Alberts know what needs to be done in the future.

The trio met with reporters Thursday to discuss several topics surrounding the future of Huskers football. One of the biggest was stadium renovations to Memorial Stadium and alcohol sales at Pinnacle Bank Arena.

“Now we are going talk about a project that is the most complicated project we can undertake,” Carter said of the renovations, per On3 Sports. “We literally are going to be repairing and rebuilding an airplane while we are flying it.

“I can understand that. In my own personal world, I rebuilt an aircraft carrier in 2006 for $2 billion that was already existing. This is not completely unlike that. Except we are not replacing nuclear reactors.”

One of the biggest hurdles the athletic staff will have to get over is the fan displacement due to renovations. While part of the project will happen during the offseason, the other half will occur during the season. This means that areas of the stadium could be blocked off, meaning season ticket holders could lose their seats for some time. 

“We have a 100-year-old stadium that is iconic that we love,” Alberts said. “The reality is there has been so much change and so much technological change, and I think we are behind. I think we need to dive into how do we ensure that the next 50 to 100 years of Memorial Stadium, that that fan experience and that modernization is there.”

Alberts said that the construction process needs to be handled accordingly. This means that fans could be shifted around Memorial Stadium from their usual spots until further notice.

Alberts and Carter did not give a start or end date for the renovations of the stadium.