A lot of uncertainty in the current climate has many high-ranking officials in wait-and-see mode about the potential of a return to college athletics in the fall. But University of Nebraska President Ted Carter is remaining optimistic that things will return to a somewhat normal state by the time the fall semester rolls around.

Recently, Carter joined the Sports Nightly show to talk about the prospect of students returning to campus in the fall, as well as college sports resuming as planned in 2020. While there are still plenty of question marks out there, Carter is staying positive.

“I’m a huge sports fan, I love the whole concept of sports and the spirit of competition,” Carter said on Sports Nightly. “Here at Nebraska, one of the great things about being here is how much people love their athletics. So, yeah, I want to see us back to some sense of normalcy and see sports come back.

“Right now, we’re still five months plus away. There’s still a lot that’s going to happen. But I’m optimistic for two things, one is that we’ll be able to bring students back to the campus in the fall. …And then of course, how do we get back to the sports that we love? I think there’s a chance that they may not start exactly on time depending on what the situation is, but I think there’s a great desire to get back to NCAA football.”

Carter’s comment about getting students back on campus is an important one.

On Wednesday, members of the College Football Playoff Management Committee spoke with Vice President Mike Pence about via telephone about the potential return of college athletics. That group of 10 commissioners made it clear that there will be no athletic events unless students are able to safely return to campus.

Even with that concern, Carter is staying optimistic and is anticipating a return to a sense of normalcy, both on campus and on the athletics fields sometime in the fall.