Not many college presidents have been transparent in the B1G since the league made its decision to postpone the fall football season back on August 11. But Nebraska’s Ted Carter has been more than happy to share updates on the situation and let his thoughts be known on the situation.

That continued this week, when the University of Nebraska president made an appearance on KLIN 1400 am to discuss the football situation in the B1G. He, as well as other administrators within the university, still believe football can be played sometime this fall.

Carter said that chancellor Ronnie Green, athletic director Bill Moos and head coach Scott Frost have been working hard on a return-to-play plan for the 2020 college football season. They’re still fighting for a fall start.

“There is an awful lot of work still going on with the Return to Play Committee for which chancellor Ronnie Green, athletic director Bill Moos and coach Scott Frost are on. They’re putting together some plans that the presidents and chancellors will vote on very soon,” Carter said. “The fight is still on. We have been aligned in this state from the get go. From the governor, to myself to the chancellors to our coaches and players, that we feel it’s safe to play here. That’s been our theme and we’re still strong on that.”

Last week, Dan Patrick reported that the B1G was eyeing a potential Oct. 10 start date, which would allow teams to still earn a spot in the College Football Playoff. However, on Tuesday, Patrick said that an October restart was increasingly unlikely and that January appears to be a real possibility for the conference.

Playing Thanksgiving weekend has also been discussed, and would technically still be part of a “fall” restart plan.

ESPN’s Adam Rittenberg reported that, when presidents and chancellors voted to postpone the season, it was by an 11-3 decision, with the three schools wanting to move forward with fall being Nebraska, Iowa and Ohio State.

Nebraska is standing firm on its belief that football can be played this fall. But this school will need some help from the other B1G institutions in order to get a season started in the fall.