University of Nebraska President Ted Carter has been very vocal in the month since the B1G postponed the fall sports and college football season on Aug. 11. He has been a huge supporter of moving forward with athletic competitions this fall.

The fact that the B1G still doesn’t have a return-to-play plan is frustrating for him. He’s probably not alone, either.

Carter vented his frustration this week in a moment captured by 1011 News, calling out the B1G for its lack of transparency and communication during the entire process. He says it’s time start receiving some answers.

“I share in the same frustration that most of your viewers and all Nebraskans have,” Carter said. “We’ve been very clear about this from the beginning. Oh, and by the way, we’ve been very open, honest and transparent about how we feel about being able to play safely [and] take care of our student-athletes here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. So, with that said, the only thing I would say right now is it’s time for the B1G to put out a plan.”

The B1G has had a month to create some sort of framework for a winter or spring season — potentially even late fall — but has released no information. Carter said in an interview this week with KLIN 1400 AM that he expects a vote to come sometime in the near future on a plan, but Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Tribune reported it won’t come until at least this weekend, maybe later.

So, it’s more sitting and waiting in the B1G. And it’s not just fans who are growing increasingly impatient.