Everyone knew it was going to take a lot to keep Tommy Armstrong Jr. off the field for Nebraska’s season finale against Iowa.

After being taken out of Ohio Stadium on a stretcher and in an ambulance and sustaining a hamstring injury against Minnesota, the senior quarterback was obviously hobbling into the Huskers’ matchup against Iowa.

How hobbled, though, we weren’t sure.

Backup quarterback Ryker Fyfe shed some light on his injuries as well as Armstrong’s following a team practice.

Fyfe also spoke with Huskers Illustrated and gave credit to Armstrong, who was basically playing on one leg:

He could barely run. He has a torn hamstring and that usually lasts 4-6 weeks and he came back in a week. You have to give him a lot of credit.

In his final regular season game, Armstrong completed just 13-of-35 passes for 125 yards and a TD. Iowa defeated the Huskers 40-10.

Armstrong is still recovering and the team is preparing for its appearance in the Music City Bowl as if Fyfe will be the starter. But the longtime backup is also having trouble taking snaps after wrist surgery.

There’s no word when or if Armstrong will be coming back for his final game.

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