When a program like Nebraska hires a new head coach, the changes usually extend beyond the decisions made on 12-15 fall Saturdays. Culture changes and recruiting changes take multiple years to truly set in. But the change in scheme and Xs and Os can have an immediate impact. Cornhuskers RB Devine Ozigbo predicted one product of the scheme change under new coach Scott Frost that will excite fans: more big plays.

“… [T]he proof [is] in the pudding that they have the scheme, that they have the tools to make that happen with this offense and that pace,” Ozigbo told 247Sports at a recent media opportunity. “It’s going to open big holes. The defense is going to be pretty spread. There’s going to be a lot of gaps there as long as us as backs hit it and the line gives opportunities. I think there’s going to be a lot more big runs in this offense.”

Big running plays would be a welcomed change. Last season, Nebraska was among the Big Ten’s bottom four in runs of 10-plus yards (No. 12), 20-plus yards (No. 11), 30-plus yards (No. 14) and 40-plus yards (No. 13). The Huskers did not manage a run of 50-plus yards in 2017.

Ozigbo rushed for 493 yards on 129 carries last season.