The college football season is only a few months away — at least that’s the hope.

We’ve gone two full months without having live sports in our lives, creating a void for sports fans everywhere. While networks, websites, teams and others have attempted to fill that void over the last two months, there’s just really nothing that compares to having those sports back.

On Tuesday, Nebraska and head coach Scott Frost released a video that will have Huskers fans looking forward to the college football season and (hopefully) filling the seats at Memorial Stadium this fall. The video, with a “if these walls could talk” theme, highlights the historic college football venue.

The video itself is really cool. However, there are some questions surrounding it. Is it a preview of something new and exciting that could be coming to Lincoln? Or is it just an effort to get fans hyped up for the college football season? There’s a hope that more information could be released soon.

For now, though, just enjoy the awesome video Nebraska released: