Former Nebraska receiver Kenny Bell’s Twitter rant worked.

Bell, as well as other current and former Huskers, were not pleased about hearing that any performance records accomplished under a previous coaching regime were removed from Nebraska’s weight room.

The move was originally made to set a new standard for Nebraska’s current players who were testing under what Nebraska assistant athletic director of strength and conditioning Boyd Epley called “inconsistencies in testing procedures in various sports.”

Well, Epley said on Wednesday night that the records will be restored.

“I had good intentions, but the fact is no one wants to have their record taken away,” Epley told The World-Herald. “But there are two sides to that story: The person who had that record and the person who set the record with different procedures.

“After looking at all this, it made more sense that we’re going to restore those records, and just kind of move forward.”

The university also released a statement, which read:

“When I returned to the Athletic Department in 2014, we began the process of making our Husker Power testing more consistent across all sports utilizing the Nebraska Athletic Performance Lab. In doing so, we found inconsistency in testing procedures in various sports. With that, it was hard to validate testing numbers and records that were achieved using different timing procedures and equipment.

“All records will be restored and displayed regardless of testing procedure, as we want to recognize all of our record holders regardless of the timing and testing system. We are really proud of our athletes who worked hard in our strength and conditioning program to achieve great things.”

That was enough for Bell, who appreciated the response:

Go figure that a Twitter rant led to a policy change.