Nebraska is starting a new tradition under head coach Matt Rhule with the Huskers unveiling some new jersey numbers Wednesday evening.

The numbers unveiled were the first four players to receive single digits for the season ahead. Earlier in his tenure, Rhule explained the tradition of players earning single-digit jersey numbers that he has implemented throughout his career.

“I got really tired of having a guy in my program who had spent three years as like number 47 and then was getting ready to play and wanted to wear No. 1 or No. 3 and he had earned it, and we would give it to a recruit,” said Rhule in the spring.

“So, what we decided was, you know what, 1 through 9 and now 0 through 9 would go to the nine or now 10 toughest guys on the team.”

Rhule explained “toughest” means the players that define what it means to be a Cornhusker. He also said players will vote on which players receive the honor in training camp, and Nebraska unveiled 4 recipients Wednesday evening.

The recipients of the first single digits of Rhule’s Nebraska tenure are QB Jeff Sims, LB Luke Reimer, WR Billy Kemp and DB Isaac Gifford.

This is undoubtedly a major honor with the players receiving the honor as voted on by their teammates. Each player listed Wednesday night has also received a fair amount of attention throughout the offseason, so it is not surprising to see their names represented.