Nebraska is gearing up for its first season under head coach Matt Rhule. On Sunday, the program put the finishing touches on the first round of one of Rhule’s traditions he is implementing with the Huskers.

Throughout training camp, Nebraska has been awarding single-digit jersey numbers, an honor players in the program have to earn. The right to don a single-digit under Rhule is voted on by the players, and there are only 10 recipients each year with numbers 0-9 up for grabs.

On Sunday, the final 3 numbers were awarded to DB Quinton Newsome, DB DeShon Singleton and DL Ty Robinson. Those 3 players were also pictured in Blackshirt editions of the single digits.

From Nebraska’s list of single-digit recipients, 8 hail on the defensive side of the ball. Quarterback Jeff Sims and wide receiver Billy Kemp IV are the only offensive players who will don a single digit this season, though one lineman was also an honorary recipient.

Here is the full list of Huskers to wear a single digit this fall:

  • No. 0 — Nash Hutmacher, DL
  • No. 1 — Billy Kemp IV, WR
  • No. 2 — Isaac Gifford, DB
  • No. 3 — Nick Henrich, LB
  • No. 4 — Luke Reimer, LB
  • No. 5 — John Bullock, LB
  • No. 6 — Quinton Newsome, DB
  • No. 7 — Jeff Sims, QB
  • No. 8 — DeShon Singleton, DB
  • No. 9 — Ty Robinson, DL
  • Honorary* — Ethan Piper, OL (By rule, Piper cannot wear a single digit but was voted as an honorary recipient)