Nebraska students will have the opportunity to vote in the spring general election on the university’s balloon tradition at home football games.

The balloon tradition, in which fans release red balloons into the sky at Memorial Stadium following the Huskers’ first touchdown on Saturdays, has come under harsh scrutiny lately. Activist groups have denounced Nebraska’s tradition, saying it’s bad for the environment.

According to a report from The Daily Nebraskan, students will soon get their chance to weigh in on the matter. From The Daily Nebraskan:

Government Bill 26 moves to add a question to the spring general election ballot to survey the student body about eliminating the balloon release at football games. The ballot item would only pose the question to collect students’ opinions and is not binding.

Currently, Husker football fans release balloons after the first touchdown during home games at Memorial Stadium. The bill states people have pressured University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s administration to eliminate the tradition because of the environmental damage the balloons cause.

If passed, students will answer whether they are against the balloon release, support the tradition or are indifferent to the issue.

The question has not yet been added to the spring election ballot, but will likely make it. While the results may not be binding, it will give the Nebraska Athletic Department a good understanding of whether the tradition should continue or if it should be dropped.