Nebraska is heading into Year 2 with head coach Matt Rhule, and the Huskers are moving forward with a new-look offensive staff.

This offseason, Nebraska brought on Glenn Thomas to serve as the quarterbacks coach for the program. Marcus Satterfield, the offensive coordinator and previous QBs coach, will maintain his role as OC but Thomas will add co-OC duties this season.

On Monday, Thomas discussed his outlook at a press conference. He expects everyone in the room to have a “significant role,” something he appreciates about Rhule’s leadership style as a head coach.

“Everybody will have a significant role. That’s one thing I appreciate about Coach Rhule, he let’s everybody in the building have a role,” said Thomas. “It doesn’t matter where good information comes from, let’s bring it to the table.”

Thomas also praised Satterfield as a coach without ego involved. Ultimately, the two will work to collaborate to find the best ideas possible, regardless of where they originate from.

“That’s one thing I appreciate about coach Satt, there’s no ego involved. For me, for him, coach Rhule, it doesn’t matter where that information comes from or who brings it to the table,” Thomas explained. “Let’s put the best ideas up front and sort out from there and put the best play, the best game plan we can together.”

The quarterback position was undoubtedly a sore spot for the Huskers during 2023. Jeff Sims, Heinrich Haarberg and Chubba Purdy all saw time as the starter, but none of those players were able to string together consistent results with turnovers a regular problem.

Entering 2024, Rhule has reshuffled the offensive staff, and the program landed 5-star QB Dylan Raiola. At the end of the day, it will be up to Thomas and Satterfield to maximize Raiola’s talent and develop him during his time with the Huskers.

Coming out of 2023, Nebraska returns some key pieces on both sides of the ball, one of the main reasons the Huskers have a win total set at 7.5 by FanDuel. Though Nebraska has not reached 8 wins since 2016, the Huskers have a shot if the QB situation gets worked out to go with another solid defensive performance.