Thanks to Nebraska’s new Red Carpet Experience, nearly 2,000 children will get to experience a Nebraska football game for the first time at Memorial Stadium. Athletic director Trev Alberts revealed the news on Friday night.

With the sellout streak in jeopardy after Nebraska’s loss to Illinois last week, two donors purchased the remaining tickets at Memorial Stadium to preserve the Huskers’ impressive sellout streak, which extends 376 games (counting Saturday).

Nebraska has decided to utilize the tickets in an awesome way. They have been donated to children and their parents/guardians who may not be able to typically afford a ticket to a Huskers home game.

“Happy to report that nearly 2,000 kids will spend game day in Memorial Stadium for the first time tomorrow thanks to the work of (Dr. Lawrence Chatters) with our Red Carpet Experience program,” Alberts wrote on Twitter. “I can’t wait to welcome everyone. Go Big Red.”

It’s an awesome way for Nebraska to utilize those tickets. Even more incredible is that nearly 2,000 kids will be experiencing their first game at Memorial Stadium.

The Huskers will host Fordham on Saturday in the first home game of the year.