Nebraska defensive coordinator Bill Busch was thrusted into a brand new position after the regular season began.

At the start of the season, Busch was Nebraska’s special teams coordinator. When former Nebraska head coach Scott Frost was fired on Sept. 11, the entire coaching staff received a facelift. Erik Chinander held on to his job as the defensive coordinator for the week leading up to the Oklahoma game, but he was eventually fired after the blow out loss to Oklahoma.

With Chinander out as the defensive coordinator, Busch will be in his 1st game as the team’s defensive coordinator. Nebraska did not play in Week 4 and Busch had an extra week to prepare for his brand new role. It was a difficult transition for Busch, but he is looking forward to the new opportunity:

“I don’t have to, I get to. It’s a great opportunity. So it’s not a tough spot,” Busch told reporters on Wednesday. “Everybody’s, ‘Ah, it’s a tough spot, tough spot.’ My ass. It’s not a tough spot. Just go out and coach. That’s what you signed up to do.”

He is taking a positive approach to a challenging season for the entire program. Busch has been impressed with how well the Nebraska players have adapted to the coaching staff changes.

It has been a hard time for the entire program and the Cornhuskers will look to rally in the final 8 games of the season. Nebraska hosts Indiana on Saturday in Busch’s debut as the defensive coordinator.