Nouredin Nouili is a key offensive lineman and veteran starter at guard for Nebraska. While fans recognize the lineman by the last name Nouili, he had a special honor for his stepdad ahead of Friday’s kickoff.

When he was introduced for Senior Day, Nouredin was introduced with the last name “Ragaller” and even sported his uniform with the last name “Ragaller” across the back. Nebraska confirmed that the move was a special honor by Nouredin to recognize his stepdad, Ralf Ragaller.

After the introduction, Nouredin experienced an emotional embrace with his stepdad and family on the field. It’s safe to say these are the kind of things that make college football awesome.

As for Friday’s matchup with Iowa, it is shaping up to be an epic defensive struggle between the two sides. Temperatures are frigid in Lincoln, and the over/under for the game was already at historic proportions ahead of kickoff.