Oh no, Nebraska.

Ahead of the end of halftime, Huskers quarterback Jeff Sims threw an interception in the end zone to keep the score at 4-0 heading into halftime. The “B1G offense bad” jokes truly write themselves, huh?

This time, it’s a fair criticism. Neither Minnesota nor Nebraska seem to want to score the ball Thursday night, and the Huskers have been especially bad at protecting the football.

Perhaps that’s where the frustration is coming from. Jeff Sims and the Huskers have moved the ball fairly well, but have also turned the ball over twice in key situations.

The internet reacted accordingly.

The good news is that the game is far from out of hand. Nebraska’s defense has done its job against a slower Minnesota offense thus far and only trails 3-0 with 2 quarters to play.

Let’s see if Marcus Satterfield can get things moving.