Since Nebraska made the switch from the Big XII to the B1G, the Huskers have adopted Iowa as their fiercest in-conference rival. But for Scott Frost, there’s at least one old rivalry that is still close to him.

And on Monday, Frost couldn’t help but have some fun at that team’s expense.

Frost spoke to the media on Monday regarding a specific drill his team participates in during practice, designed to see which players are competing the hardest. For most people, it’s called the “Oklahoma drill.” For the Huskers, it’s called the “Nebraska drill.”

“There’s a similar drill named after Nebraska’s old rival to the south. We don’t call it that,” Frost told the media on Monday. “We call it Nebraska drill.

“More than anything, we want to see which guys are gonna step up and compete and be tough.”

Nebraska and Oklahoma had one of the fiercest rivalries in college football for many years, including when Frost was quarterback for the Huskers. He was even a member of a 69-7 win over the Sooners in 1997 — the largest margin of victory in history of the rivalry.

The two teams haven’t played since Nebraska made the move to the B1G, with the last meeting coming in 2010. Oklahoma won that matchup 23-20.

Frost and AD Bill Moos have talked about re-establishing some of Nebraska’s old rivalry games from the Big XII and playing those teams on a more regular basis. Even though the two teams haven’t played in nearly a decade, the rivalry is still fresh to Frost.

Nebraska and Oklahoma will renew their rival in 2021 and 2022 with a home-and-home series.