Pittsburgh HC Pat Narduzzi joined the Shults’ Ford ‘Bazzy’s Black and Gold Banter’ podcast to talk about his former OC Mark Whipple, who now is at Nebraska. He had a tough criticism of Whipple and how he runs his offense.

Pittsburgh had a solid year offensively under the guidance of Whipple. The Panthers had the 8th-most yards per game last season with 487.9. However, what Whipple lacks according to Narduzzi, is the ability to know when to run the ball. This was especially true against Wake Forest, who had the 118th-ranked rush defense.

Here is the full clip from the podcast:

“Our old offensive coordinator had no desire to run the ball,” said Narduzzi. “Everybody knew it. He was stubborn. Wake Forest was 118th in run defense and we threw the ball every down. When we ran it, we ran it for 10 yards, but that wasn’t good enough.”