College football radio host Paul Finebaum did not appreciate Nebraska’s attempt to to schedule UT Chattanooga for this past weekend after its game against Wisconsin was canceled.

The Big Ten ultimately denied Nebraska’s request, setting the precedent that it will stick with a conference-only schedule even if there are cancelations.

But Finebaum took issue with the Huskers even making an attempt.

“Nebraska is a total embarrassment these days,” Finebaum said on Get Up. “I don’t even know where to begin other than to say they’ve been in the Big Ten for 10 years and the only major championship they’ve won is the league’s biggest cry baby.

“And the athletic director, in trying to defend playing Chattanooga, said, ‘well, it could be an important data point for the CFP.’ Nebraska in the CFP? I’ve got a better chance of winning the country’s most sexiest man than Nebraska does of going to the CFP this year.”


Finebaum also doubled down on backing up the Big Ten’s decision to set this precedent.

“After all the delays and restarts, the Big Ten came up with a specific season. We’re playing each other. We’re not playing Chattanooga,” Finebaum said. “Remember Nebraska used to be in the Big 12, they thought they were too good for that and they joined the Big Ten. They ought to get out of the Big Ten and find some place where they can rule the roost because they don’t belong in the Big Ten any longer.”

Here’s the full clip:

Nebraska does seem to have one friend in the Big Ten — Ohio State. Buckeyes coach Ryan Day said he felt like Nebraska should have been able to replace the Wisconsin game.

The Huskers are back in action in Week 3 against Northwestern.