The player movement that started over the weekend has received support from Nebraska chief of staff Gerrod Lambrecht. He took to Twitter on Monday to show his backing.

The #WeWantToPlay movement has received support from players, coaches, fans and even politicians across the country. The push comes after the MAC announced that it was cancelling football in the fall and will attempt to play in the spring.

Lambrecht tweeted out that health, safety and well-being of student-athletes is the main focus at Nebraska, and that he believes a season can be played.

“At Nebraska, the health, safety, and well-being of our student-athletes continues to be paramount in our decision making,” Lambrecht wrote. “What I believe is not being fully considered are the deep ranging, long-term impacts of not playing college football this fall. The ramifications will be so significant that the sport may not recover. I would posit that if we don’t play, collegiate sports as a whole will never look the same.

“Whatever my boss says at 1:30 today, I am honored to work for him and I relish his leadership. More importantly, I am honored and humbled to work with these players on a daily basis. Their resilience the last four months leaves me in awe. I believe in my heart that playing is what is best for them. However, I fully support their individual desires either way. Our commitment has to be our players first, the University of Nebraska, and the state of NEBRASKA! #GBR #LetThemPlay.”

B1G presidents have met each of the last two days and are expected to meet again on Monday night to make a decision regarding the upcoming season.