Rahmir Johnson has been working and biding his time while trying to find ways to contribute at Nebraska. While a big role never materialized for Johnson in 2022, he’s not deterred from working with a new coaching staff under Matt Rhule.

Following Tuesday’s practice, Johnson was asked about his limited usage during the 2022 season in Mark Whipple’s offense. Johnson said he did not have a real answer but said he was available and working hard all season.

“I don’t have the right answer for you, I just know I worked hard all year,” said Johnson in reference to just 20 offensive touches last season per Hail Varsity. “I was available and things happened, it is what it is but I’m here now looking forward to this season and getting ready to work for this team and coaching staff ahead of me.”

As for his fit within Matt Rhule’s philosophy and the offense of new OC Marcus Satterfield, Johnson said he’s the “right guy” for Rhule’s emphasis on speed. He also says he’s still working as a wide receiver and is looking to do whatever it takes to get on the field.

“I’m the right guy and guy’s like myself are right for this system… You can’t teach speed and you can’t beat speed, I’ll just put it like that,” explained Johnson.

“…I want to do it all, whatever gets you on the field.”

What’s in store for Rahmir Johnson?

During the 2021 season, Johnson provided a glimpse of what he can do with 495 yards rushing and almost 200 yards receiving. He also scored 6 touchdowns while averaging 4.4 yards per carry and 12.3 yards per catch.

Expectations for Johnson were high in 2022 with many pointing toward a hybrid role throughout the fall camp. Unfortunately, that never materialized for Johnson with just 19 carries and 1 catch last year.

Will Rhule’s staff find the right way to utilize Johnson’s skill set this season?