Final Score: Nebraska 14, Rutgers 13

Brief Recap: Mickey Joseph earned his second consecutive win of the season over Rutgers, and it wasn’t a pretty one. Nebraska battled back from a 13-0 deficit in the second quarter to get the win. Fans may have not liked the way that their team won, but the Huskers got the job done.

Casey Thompson recovered after throwing 2 interceptions in the first half to help his team secure the victory. Nebraska showed guts and didn’t keep its head down for long. This is something that the Huskers haven’t shown in quite a while.

Key Player: Trey Palmer

Trey Palmer scored the go-ahead touchdown in the fourth quarter. His score was a 27-yard touchdown pass from Thompson to give the Huskers the lead. Palmer finished the game with 64 yards receiving, which led the team. Grant wasn’t able to perform as well in the rushing game, and Palmer stepped in and made big plays when it counted.

Key Stat: The 3 second half turnovers forced by Nebraska’s defense

The Nebraska defense played a big role in the victory. The three turnovers that Nebraska’s defense forced allowed the offense to get going and start the comeback on the road. Palmer’s play was one of the deciding factors, but it would not have happened if the defense didn’t show up in the second half.

What it means for Nebraska: 

The Huskers have some momentum going with Joseph. Nebraska has not won two B1G games in a row since the 2017 season. Believe it or not, the last time that this happened the first win of the two B1G games was also against Rutgers. Regardless of what happens, Nebraska showed some grit under Joseph, which is a good sign for the program.

What it means for Rutgers: 

Rutgers is once again 0-3 in conference play in back-to-back seasons. The same thing happened last year to the Scarlet Knights. This is not the type of thing you want your football program to become associated with. The Scarlet Knights got to see Noah Vedral play at quarterback for one of the first times this season. Evan Simon stepped in again, and had three turnovers. Who will be the Rutgers QB for the next game? There are plenty of questions that need to be answered for Rutgers.