If changes are made to the NCAA’s name, image and likeness policy as we are all anticipated, a few student-athletes could find themselves able to make quite a bit of money. One of those individuals, based on an expert’s analysis, would be Nebraska quarterback Adrian Martinez.

The Huskers quarterback, as well as a handful of other student-athletes at Nebraska, could make a decent chunk of change.

A story from FiveThirtyEight.com featured Opendorse founder Blake Lawrence, who approximated some of the earning opportunities for Nebraska’s student-athletes. He looked at some of the highest-potential earners in each sport.

“Every student-athlete will be provided a valuation of their brand as well as insights into how to boost engagement and augment their social media following,” Lawrence said in the story. “Content calendars, performance benchmarks and various strategies will be provided to every athlete representing the scarlet and cream.”

Considering all that, Martinez could make up to an estimated $153,000 with the new name, image and likeness policy as a social media influencer. Lawrence also said that 10 student-athletes at Nebraska could earn $10,000 or more from the market if and when the rules change.

Volleyball player Lexi Sun could earn somewhere around $40,000.

This spring, the Board of Governors recommended that the NCAA alter its policies regarding name, image and likeness, allowing student-athletes to profit from endorsements and social media influencing. No changes have come at this time, but a shift in policy could come as early as 2021-22.