Almost every athletic director in college sports has come to grips with the fact that attendance at football games in 2020 will be limited. Don’t tell that to Nebraska AD Bill Moos, though.

Speaking with Steven Sipple of, Moos talked about a number of topics regarding the upcoming college football season. One of the questions regarded attendance at Memorial Stadium this year, and while Moos acknowledges that it isn’t very likely that a full crowd will be allowed to attend Nebraska football games this year, he’s not ready to rule out the possibility.

“I know it’s probably not going to be the case around college football,” Moos said. “But our location plays in our favor just because of the numbers and how healthy the environment is here.”

Most schools have discussed limiting attendance to 20-30 percent capacity for the upcoming college football season — though nothing is permanent at this time. Very few have talked this late into the year about full attendance, due to the continued relevance of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moos also said that student-athletes within the Nebraska Athletic Department don’t seem to be too concerned about playing sports in the fall. He says he’s gathered some information regarding student-athlete outlook on the season from several head coaches.

“The kids just want to compete,” Moos said. “It’s in their DNA. They’re competitors. They came here to showcase their skills, and they’re just eager to go.”

Moos and the rest of the B1G ADs are still awaiting the release of the conference-only schedule from the league for football.