RJ Young recently previewed Matt Rhule’s 2023 debut at Nebraska on The Number One College Football Show. When it comes to new faces at new programs, Young gave a ringing endorsement for Rhule as the man to turn around the Husker program.

According to Young, Rhule is built for the job in Lincoln as a proven builder and restorer of programs at the collegiate level. Young also believes Rhule will be a game-changer for the whole university during his tenure.

“I gotta tell ya, if anybody is ever built to do this job, it is Matt Rhule,” said Young. “(Rhule) flipped Temple into a winner, (he) flipped Baylor when it was no longer one of the best college football programs into a winner after a 1-11 season.

“He is a program builder. He is a game-changer for your university, and he’s an example of why the highest-paid employee at damn near every university with a football team is the head football coach.”

We’ll see what the Huskers look like out of the gate in 2023 after Rhule did his best to overhaul the roster via the transfer portal. But no matter how this season goes, the long-range outlook for Rhule’s time in Nebraska remains overwhelmingly positive.