If Scott Frost and Bill Moos have it their way, Nebraska will renew some of its old rivalry games at some point in the future.

Recently, in an interview with the Denver Post, Frost and Moos talked about scheduling more games against former Big 8 and Big 12 rivals in non-conference games. Having a home-and-home series with several of those programs would be ideal for the Huskers.

“I’d love to see us, if we’re going to play one Power 5 non-conference (game), to have it be one of the old Big Eight rivals,” Frost told the Denver Post. “It’s great playing teams like Colorado.”

Nebraska renewed its rivalry with Colorado last year, playing the Buffaloes in Lincoln. The Huskers suffered a 33-28 loss to their old rivals. It was the first game in a four-game series, with the next matchup coming in 2019 in Boulder.

But both Frost and Moos want to expand past Colorado and schedule games against several current and former Big 12 members.

From the Denver Post:

“What Scott and I would really like to do, for our home-and-home series — we’d have to go out a ways or drop some games — is play our rivals from the Big Eight days,” Moos explained. “Then we’ve got a presence in three conferences: the SEC (Missouri), the Pac-12 (Colorado), and the Big 12. So that’s all good, and those rivalries are strong with us.

“I’ve learned about the Colorado (rivalry). I’d like to get it into a rotation with some of the schools I’ve just mentioned. And they may not be interested; we haven’t really talked — not (so much) CU, but to the Kansas schools and all that. I think there are a lot of pluses. Again, it’s easy for the fans to get to Boulder and we’ve got players on our roster from Colorado, and it’s a good recruiting base for us, so I think there’s a lot of upside.”

Nebraska does have future games scheduled against Oklahoma and Colorado. After 2019, the Huskers will again meet the Buffaloes in 2023 and 2024. They will play the Sooners in 2021, 2022, 2029 and 2030, with two games in Lincoln and two in Norman.

The 2019 matchup against Colorado is scheduled for Sept. 7.