Scott Frost was at the podium on Tuesday, and he cleared the air when asked about his feelings toward OC Mark Whipple. His response was as expected per Joe Nugent of Omaha WOWT-TV.

Frost appeared to criticize some of his offensive assistants after losing to Northwestern on Saturday. However, he stated that the relationship between himself and his offensive coordinator is fine. Frost just thinks that Whipple could have done better in his play-calling debut.

“No tension,” said Frost. “He’s very smart, thought it was good Saturday, thought it could be better.”

The Nebraska HC stated that his approach with Whipple is to let him breathe. If Frost were in Whipple’s shoes, he wouldn’t want someone else telling him how to do his job. He also referred to Whipple as an elite playcaller per Brian Christopherson of 247Sports.

Regardless of what Frost said about the assistants, Whipple will still be expected to call plays. It should be a much easier matchup this time around for the Cornhuskers as they take on North Dakota Saturday.