After Minnesota held on to top Nebraska 30-23 last Saturday, Gophers head coach PJ Fleck made a comment about his take on the win.

“That was truly culture versus skill,” Fleck said. “That’s what I saw today. Whatever anyone else wants to say about us or our program or our culture, feel free. We’ve been called every name in the book. But culture versus skill.”

So, of course, Huskers head coach Scott Frost was sure to respond, and did so on Wednesday with his own spin.

“Our culture has come 100 miles,” said Frost. “I think they have some skilled players, too, so I’m surprised to hear that.”

Well, when you’re sitting in the last-place spot in the B1G West standings and your fan base is calling for a revolt, everything seems to be amplified. One could say that the culture coming that far is a good thing, but with just one conference win so far in 2021, who cares?

Despite the fact that Nebraska has fared better than Minnesota in their recruiting efforts, finishing ahead of the Gophers in recruiting rankings each season since Frost came on board as head coach, the success just hasn’t transferred to the field.

It would be interesting to see how future meetings between the two play out with the rivalry between the two, and the sparring of comments, but given the current direction the Huskers are headed it’s hard to imagine that a change wouldn’t be coming with who is doing the talking?