Nebraska coach Scott Frost designs the Cornhuskers’ Red-White spring games as a show for the fans.

“It’s the culmination of spring for us,” Frost said in his postgame press conference. “I just wanted to see some guys have a chance to play in front of the fans. What an awesome fan base we have for that many people to show up early in the spring to watch, and the environment. It’s great to be around them. … Today was just kind of showcasing some of that to the fans and finishing off spring the right way.”

Fans who like offense, though, were in for a disappointing display in the first half.

“I thought it was ugly offensively in the first half,” Frost told reporters.

The head coach continued, pointing out that the format could be partially to blame.

“That being said, it’s hard to tell where some of those runs go when you’re blowing it dead,” Frost said. “We were being dreadfully simple and running inside zone between the tackles. And then you get tagged off and they blow it down. I wouldn’t want to have been an official and decide where to spot a lot of those. It’s hard to get a good read off of that.”

A pair of transfer quarterbacks are competing to lead the offense this fall. When asked about Texas transfer Casey Thompson’s development this spring, Frost focused on the big picture.

“There’s a lot of learning,” Frost said. “They say offenses are behind defenses usually when you’re doing new things, and quarterbacks take the worst of that. And there’s pieces of 2 different systems those guys are learning, not just him (Thompson). And that’s why I think at times we’ve looked like a million bucks and at other times we’ve looked a little lost. But I’ve seen good progress from that position from multiple guys. We have to make a lot more ground up in the summer.”

Frost was later asked if Florida State transfer Chubby Purdy has “catching up” to do.

“You know me, I’m not going to crown anybody … and usually with all the reps we get, it’s pretty clear at the end of that. Chubba missed a lot of time. He’s had some good practices late in spring ball and there will be a lot more reps for everybody to make a decision.”