Things might be a little rough in Nebraska right now, but considering the situation the program was in when Scott Frost took over, he’s still the right guy for the job. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t experience a bad moment here and there.

After Saturday’s 38-31 loss to Indiana to drop Nebraska to 4-4 on the year, Frost wasn’t too pleased with his team’s performane. He said he didn’t believe there were enough “tough and dedicated” players currently wearing the Husker uniform.

One thing, in particular, seemed to bother him: players wearing hoodies during warmups. The second-year head coach said that wearing a hooded sweatshirt during pregame warmups sends a message that “Just OK” is good enough.

So, what’s the problem with Frost’s statement? Nothing, really. If a coach doesn’t want his players wearing a hoodie during warmups, that’s fine. It’s probably not best to make that statement while wearing a hoodie, though.

Below is the video, shared by HeavensFX, of Frost making the comment…while wearing a hoodie.

Obviously, things are a little different between players and coaches when it comes to a wardrobe, but it was quite ironic that Frost seemed to be so passionate about eliminating hoodies from warmups while wearing one of his own.

Nebraska still has four games remaining and has an excellent opportunity to get to bowl eligibility and improve upon last season’s four-win season. The Huskers are on the road against Purdue next Saturday.

It’s not likely you’ll see many hoodies on the field.