Scott Frost’s tenure at Nebraska is in serious trouble, and he addressed the latest offensive performance heading into halftime of the North Dakota game.

Since scoring on the game’s opening drive, the Huskers have been shut out. That includes a fumble on a sack of quarterback Casey Thompson and a missed field goal from within 40 yards by Timmy Bleekrode.

Heading into the break, Frost stopped for a brief interview while entering the locker room. He acknowledged things are bad for the offense:

“It’s bad man,” said Frost. “We have no rhythm, we don’t have anything going, we got a couple of sacks that have cost us drives… We gotta get something going on offense. We’re going to talk a lot about it at halftime.”

So far, the opening drive of the game has not been an issue for new OC Mark Whipple with the Huskers scoring on both opening drives of the season. Once the game gets rolling, making adjustments has been an issue.

We’ll see if the Huskers can rebound after North Dakota tied the game late in the half.