Scott Frost isn’t afraid to set the bar high, even in his first year. Really, really high.

The Nebraska head coach met with reporters on Thursday, a few days ahead of the Huskers’ Week 3 matchup against Troy. While talking with the media, Frost was asked whether there’s been progress made on scheduling a 12th game, as the Week 1 contest against Akron was cancelled due to nasty storm. He was also asked whether he preferred to reschedule a game in October or December.

And that’s when we learned exactly what Frost’s expectations are for his team, even in Year 1.

“I don’t want to schedule a game for December because I think we’re going to have a chance to be in the [B1G] Championship Game,” Frost said. “We need to be in the championship. So that leaves us October.”

Obviously Frost can’t say that he’s not expecting to play in the B1G Championship Game at the end of the year, especially without playing a single conference game this year yet. But the Nebraska head coach sounded confident in his words, and believes his team does have a chance to emerge out of the West.

Frost went on to say that he wasn’t a huge fan of scheduling another game during the team’s off week, either.

“It’s not ideal to play 12 straight weeks, they don’t really do that in the NFL,” Frost said. “But if that’s the hand we’re dealt, so be it.”

In general, it doesn’t sound like Frost is in favor of making up that 12th game. If he’s assuming that his team will be in the B1G Championship Game in December, he probably doesn’t believe the Huskers need the additional game to reach bowl eligibility, as athletic director Bill Moos suggested.

Nebraska will begin its quest for a B1G division and conference title on Sept. 22 when it travels to Ann Arbor to take on No. 19 Michigan.