The 2020 season was a difficult one for everyone in college football. But for Scott Frost and Nebraska, this year was especially challenging.

It wasn’t just the team’s 3-5 record that made the 2020 season so difficult. Before the start of the year, Frost lost his father, who died in September. There’s no question that this year took its toll on the Nebraska head coach. And after Friday night’s 28-21 win over Rutgers, Frost wasn’t afraid to talk about it.

“It’s been hard on me, this whole year has been hard,” Frost said after the game. “I don’t want everybody to feel sorry for me and there’s a lot of people who have it worse than I do with this Covid deal, but we’ve been grinding for a long time. I lost Dad this year. I really expected us to turn a big corner this year. I thought we had the team to do that, and still do. Really excited about the future, but I’m worn out, too.”

Nebraska’s season ended on a positive note on Friday, with a win over Rutgers to finish with wins in two of the final three games this year. The Huskers overcame 9 penalties and 4 turnovers to get a much-needed road victory.

After the game, Frost was asked if his team would play in a bowl game if invited. He said he’d leave it up to the players.