Scott Frost knows the 2022 season is a critical one, both for himself and the trajectory of Nebraska’s program. With so much at stake in Year 5 with the Huskers, fans can expect Frost to have his hands on every decision.

One key decision – arguably the biggest in determining how things go in 2022 – is the starting quarterback battle. If there was any doubt about who will make that call, new OC Mark Whipple put those doubts to bed.

Meeting with the media on Thursday, Whipple indicated the final call on the QB battle will be left up to Frost. Fortunately, Whipple also said he feels good about the top three players in the QB room.

The three-player group Whipple is referring to is Texas transfer Casey Thompson, Florida State transfer Chubba Purdy and Logan Smothers. Thompson has largely been expected to land the starting role, but Purdy has also drawn high marks throughout training camp.

Smothers – a former 4-star prospect who saw action last season – is likely anchored into the third-string role to open the season.