Scott Frost could be in serious trouble before the college football season even hits Week 1.

The 2022 season was already make it or break it for Frost and Nebraska. In Week 0, the Huskers laid an egg in Dublin, blowing multiple 11-point leads in losing to Northwestern.

Making matters worse for Frost, his decision-making was a key factor in swinging that game against the Huskers. After retaking an 11-point lead in the 3rd quarter, Frost and company called for an onside kick attempt.

That decision blew up in his face with the Wildcats recovering the kick and scoring on the ensuing drive. Northwestern followed that up with another touchdown later on to re-take the lead.

With so much riding on the season, it was a wild decision providing momentum was squarely in Nebraska’s favor early in the second half.ย Coming into Week 0, Nebraska was a double-digit favorite for the game.

Dropping the season opener — in such a fashion — has certainly turned up the heat on what was already a scorching hot seat for Frost: