Scott Frost’s hot seat is not going away anytime soon, and Nebraska is once again looking sluggish against FCS foe North Dakota.

After opening the game with a defensive stop and touchdown, the same old problems have cropped up for the Huskers. It has kept North Dakota close throughout the first half and into halftime.

Defensively, Nebraska continues to struggle with missed tackles. Offensively, the line continues to break down and allow quarterback Casey Thompson to get hit multiple times.

And special teams? Well, that unit has had its own share of struggles with an odd decision on a punt return and a missed field goal. This time, the field goal was a 37-yard try by Timmy Bleekrode.

To make matters worse, North Dakota mounted a lengthy drive before halftime to finally tie the score at 7-all. Things have gone from ugly to worse in Lincoln, and it’s hard to see how the Huskers move forward from this under Frost.

Needless to say, Nebraska fans have just about had enough of all the recurring themes turned out by the Huskers.