The first week of fall camp has concluded. Nebraska’s coaching staff has gotten to see its players in action and now have a better idea of what the team looks like in early August.

Just a few weeks from today, the 2019 regular season begins. For Nebraska, the Huskers start with South Alabama on Aug. 31 at home.

Following the first week of camp, Husker coach Scott Frost spoke with the media. He got asked about individual players and generic questions, as he always does, but when asked about the quarterbacks, he talked for quite a while.

At one point, Frost wished for something quite interesting that will never happen:

“I wish the season would come down to a (4×100-meter) relay with our quarterback group against everybody else’s because we’ve got some guys that can run,” he said.

This is something Frost definitely wants to happen. However, we are in the sport of football, not track.

Frost of course knows this. He was pointing to the fact that many of the Huskers’ QBs have great speed.

Here’s Frost’s entire presser: