Scott Frost was ready to take the blame for Saturday’s collapse and overtime loss to Colorado.

What started as a rout for the Cornhuskers turned ugly in the fourth quarter. Nebraska entered halftime with a 17-0 lead but was outscored 31-14 in the second half before heading to overtime.

Unfortunately, Frost and company were unable to regroup in the extra period. Colorado kicked a field goal in their offensive possession before a sack forced Nebraska into a long field goal try. That kick was way off target as the Buffs walked away with the 34-31 victory.

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After the game, Frost took the loss head-on. He assumed blame for the loss and admitted he’s gotta find a way to win that game after going up 17-0:

“I put this on me,” said Frost. “We’ve gotta find a way up 17-nothing at halftime to win the game…I’ve only been a part of a few as tough as that one…I’ve gotta do a better job, we’ve all gotta do a better job.”

You can view Frost’s comments courtesy of KOLN-TV 10/11 News: